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    System Status for Hosted Environments

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Cross-Product
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, TotalCare


    Where can I view notifications about the status of hosted environment, Multi-Tenant  / Single-Tenant?


    Notifications from Ex Libris, current status, a 7-day history of the status of hosted environments and a detailed 90-day outage information are posted on our System Status page:


    Each environment is identified on the Status Page by an Instance name.

    For example:

    • Primo Multi-Tenant Environment: Primo MT NA01
    • Primo Single-Tenant Environment: Primo ST EU01
    • Primo Central: PC CR01
    • bX: bX CR01
    What information is provided on the system status page?

    For Multi-Tenant

    • Service alert Information
    • Performance issues
    • Service disruption
    • Scheduled maintenance

    For Single-Tenant

    • Service alert Information
    • Performance issues
    • Service disruption
    • Scheduled maintenance


    To take full advantage of the System Status Page, we recommend to set up an email alert in the Support Center:

    1. Log into the Support Center
    2. Click Additional Actions > Support Mailing Lists
    3. Toggle the relevant product


    Once you are subscribed, any updates to the System Status page, including scheduled maintenance, will be sent to you directly via email.

    Users who don't have a login to Support Center, can sign up to the Status Page directly.


    Note: The email length is limited to 40 characters due to security reasons.

    Additional Information

    To find the Instance names for any of your other multi-tenant or single tenant environments via the Support Center:

    1. Log into the Support Center
    2. Click Additional Actions > Ex Libris Assets
    3. Select an Asset (product)
    4. Look for the entry called “Instance name on Status page.”



    • Article last edited: 13-Sep-2022
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