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    Times between 24:00 and 24:59

    • Product:  Alma



    In the job history we see strange times between 24:00 and 24:59.


    What does a time 1 March 24:30 mean? Is it in the first hour of 1 March or after midnight and actually on 2 March?


    1 March 24:30 is the same as 1 March 00:30.

    You may change the time format from displaying times between 01:00 and 24:59 to displaying times 00:00 to 23:59:


    1. Configuration > General > General Configuration > Other Settings > system_time_format

    2. Update time format from kk:mm:ss to HH:mm:ss

    Note that this will change the display of times in your job history. It will not cause any functional change.

    Additional Information

    Parameters for system_time_format:


    Parameter Value
    a am / pm marker
    H hour in day (0-23)
    h hour in am / pm (1-12)

    hour in day (1-24)

    K hour in am / pm (0-11)
    m minute in hour
    s second in minute
    S millisecond
    z general time zone (e.g., PST)
    Z RFC 822 time zone (e.g., -0800)



    • Article last edited: 17-March-2016
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