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    U9KP7Q94 error in Analytics Dashboard

    • Product: Alma


    Selecting the "Analytics" link in Alma and clicking a Dashboard gives error:

    Path not found (/shared/(your institution)/Reports/(your report name)/dashboard layout)
    Error Details
    Error Codes: U9KP7Q94

    How to fix it?


    1. Verify that the "type" of this object is correctly defined:
      1. Find the object in Analytics, see if it is saved as a Report or Dashboard (clue: look at the subdirectory name)
      2. Fix the "Type" in: Analytics Configuration Menu > Analytics Objects List

    Otherwise, verify that the path as defined in the menu matches the path in Analytics.


    Second source of issues:

    Check that the report name has no special characters such as ampersand or parentheses.


    In order to test the change - it is needed to refresh the Alma home page: Click your logo (on upper-left side of the screen), and then click the "Analytics" link again, to view the report.

    • Article last edited: 01-Mar-2017