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    What is the URL to Provide Vendors for Alma ViewIt Window Link and Resolver Icon?


    • Product: Alma


    What Base URL should be provided to vendors for the Alma ViewIt link and the link resolver icon (that is, the Alma equivalent of the SFX OpenURL icon)?


    The Alma ViewIt link is:

    For example:

    • Primo_domain – Specify the Primo Front End server and port. In the case of multiple FE servers, use the server that serves as the load balancer.

    • Primo_institution_code – Specify the institution code used in Primo.

    • Primo_view_code – Specify the code of your Services Page view.

    For Primo VE:


    Where the base URL includes the following elements:

    • Primo_domain – Specify the domain for your Primo server. In this case it’s:
    • Alma_institution_code – Specify the institution code defined in Alma.
    • view_code – Specify the code that is defined for your view on the View Configuration page. For example: 01MY_INST:MyView.

    For example:

    Primo VE documentation:

    The Alma’s ViewIt link resolver (Uresolver) HTTPS icon can be found based on the Alma Environment:

    * North American customers will find the file link_resolver.gif via HTTPS at, e.g. URL

    HTTP icon can be found in the Alma 'root' environment, e.g.:
    * European customers:

    Additional Information

    * To customize the icon, download from either location, modify the gif, and host the modified version on a separate web server.
    * Additional explanation can be found in the Document: Getting Ready for Alma and Discovery Implementation
    * Related KCS article: How to confirm list of vendors to send services page URL when moving from SFX to Alma?
    * Related Alma Documentation page: Base URL for the Services Page
    * Related Alma Documentation page: Configuring the Services Page for Primo VE


    • Article last edited: 23-OCT-2019