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    What kinds of recommendations can the Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant (DARA) make in Alma?

    • Product: Alma


    What kind of "smart recommendations" can the Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant (DARA) make to impove Alma workflows and usage? 


    DARA – Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant – makes smart recommendations to improve workflows and enhance your use of Alma. Currently, Alma can make recommendations on:

    • Automatic Usage Data
    • Load Usage Data
    • Unavailable Portfolios
    • Validate Order Information for Orders Created by API
    • Upload Electronic Holdings
    • High Request Loads
    • Linking Electronic Resources to the Community
    • Converting Audio/Visual Files to Streaming/HTML 5 format

    To learn more about DARA's smart recommendations and what user required are necessary to access them, click here.  

    To access DARA recommendations, click on the robot icon in the upper right corner to see DARA's recommendations for your institution.

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    • Article last edited: 06-Dec-2019