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Why Do CDI Records for Book Series Titles Appear Incorrectly as "Full Text Available"? How Can I Correct This?

  • Product: Alma, CDI, Primo
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct


Primo shows CDI records for titles from a book series as "full text available", although you only have access to specific titles from the book series. For example, from the book series S, you only have access to title X but not to Y. But in Primo, Y appears incorrectly as "full text available" and its "View It" section displays a link, which, however, goes to X. 


  • Open the Full Record View of the CDI record that is incorrectly displayed as "full text available" (= the displayed title)
  • Open the link in the View It section. The displayed title is different from the linked title. The latter is probably the title that causes the wrong full-text activation of the displayed title. You can also use the CTO - the Context Object - to obtain the MMS ID/Portfolio ID of the linked title
  • Search in Alma for the bib record of the linked title
  • Check in that bib record if there is an ISSN entry for the book series in the 776 field
  • Delete the series information from the 776 field or move it to the 490/830 fields
  • Impact:
    • Link Resolver: The linked title will disappear immediately from the View It section of the displayed title. Alma Link Resolver displayed the wrong link because of a match between the ISSN information from CDI for the displayed title and the ISSN information from the 776 field in the linked title record. Now that the ISSN has been removed from the 776 field in the linked title record, there is no match anymore.
    • CDI: After ca. four days, the CDI record for the displayed title should disappear from the Primo filtered search unless there are other sources of activation. The displayed title appeared as full-text available because CDI took the ISSN in the 776 field of the linked title record and matched it against the CDI record of the displayed title. Now that the series ISSN has been removed from the 776 field, the match won't take place anymore (unless there are other sources of activation).
      • Note: The waiting period of four days is based on the 24-hour cycle for the publishing job and the 72 hours for processing the published holdings file in CDI.


  • Article last edited: 26-Mar-2021