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Short loan sends two courtesy reminders

  • Product: Alma



Why am I receiving two courtesy reminders for a short loan, one immediately upon checkout, and another when it is almost time for the item to be due?


When a short loan has been checked out and the short_loan_courtesy_reminder parameter has been set, ideally only one courtesy letter (FulUserLoansCourtesyLetter) is sent to patron based on the due date time less the value of the parameter. Instead, the Short Loan Letter (FulShortLoanLetter) is sent to patron immediately upon checkout. The Short Loan Letter (FulShortLoanLetter) is different from the Courtesy Letter (FulUserLoansCourtesyLetter) and needs to be disabled if patron does not wish to receive two "Courtesy Reminders".

Navigate to:

  1. Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration
  2. Locate Short Loan Letter
    1. Toggle switch to disable

Additional Information

Please see Configuring Alma Letters.






  • Article last edited: 18-Nov-2019