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    Why do Library Code (Active) and Name (Active) return a null value when combined with deleted Location?

    • Product: Alma



    In Analytics, why do Library Code (Active) and Name (Active) return a null value when combined with deleted Location?


    Location Names are taken from the Physical Locations table of the library (Configuration Menu > Fulfillment > Locations). When used in Analytics, the Location Code from the item is used to perform a search for a match in the Locations table. The results of that search are what Analytics will display for 'Library name (Active)' and 'Library code (Active).'

    If a Location Code is removed from the Locations table, due to the deletion of a Location, a matching Location will not be found when the search is performed, and the link with the Library is lost. Therefore, the fields 'Library name (Active)' and 'Library code (Active)' display an empty value, and 'Location Name' will show as "None".



    • Article last edited: 14-Apr-2023