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    Why does "No Campus" appear in the pickup location list for patron requests?


    • Product: Alma


    When placing a Patron Physical Item Request, the Pickup Location list is preceded by "No Campus".  How to fix this designation? 


    The label can be edited in: Configuration > Discovery > Display configuration > Labels

    The Label code is: c.uresolver.request.pickupLocation.noCampus

    The change is patron facing, meaning that it will impact the Discovery interface.  It does not change the label in Alma (seen for example when editing a physical item request).

    In some situations, the "Pickup At" list will read "No Campus" if any of the libraries allowed for pickup in the Terms Of Use, are not configured as "Served Libraries" of any campuses. Campuses - if used - are defined in: Configuration > General > Campuses.

    Additional Information

    Click here for more about "Modifying Display Labels".

    Read here a solution on splitting between Pickup Locations, and No-Pickup, curbside: "Using Campuses to Designate Pickup and Non-Pickup Locations"


    • Article last edited: 19-DEC-2023