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    Why is Gale eBook providing two full text links after migration to Alma?

    • Product: Alma



    In the Primo search results, when looking at an online resource, the first link labeled “Gale Cengage Virtual Reference Library” works correctly.
    However, the 2nd link leads only to the book table of contents (ToC) rather than directly to the article’s full text.
    What’s going on?


    You are getting two links because one was based on the information you provided in your P2E (Print-to-Electronic) form while the other was part of your Link Resolver Activation form (during migration to Alma).
    Customers migrating to Alma complete the “P2E” and Link Resolver Activation forms from the Alma Migration Guides and Tutorials.

    Portfolios created from your Link Resolver Activation form are connected to the Community Zone (CZ); such as "Gale Cengage Virtual Reference Library".
    Since it is connected to CZ it is eligible for all CZ updates.

    However, the other link is from your P2E’s "view full text" (generic).
    These are fine for any eBooks that you may have purchased as those don't tend change.
    You can delete the link from the P2E link that goes to a ToC directly in Alma or modify it (to fix the link) by editing the Portfolio.
    This search includes all P2E-generated portfolios that may or may not have been found in the CZ from the link resolver:
    Advanced search: Electronic Portfolios where (Is Standalone="Yes")
    You will have to look at them to determine your next course of action.

    Please refer to the Additional Information section of this article for more information.

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