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    Why is LDR pos 5 not changed to "u" after the holding record is updated?

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: May 2018 Release



    After updating and saving a holding record, LRD pos 5 remains 'n' for NEW instead of changing to 'u' for UPDATED


    There is no automatic update of the holding record field LDR pos 5. It can be updated manually, or a normalization rule can be used so that when a holding is re-saved the LDR is updated. 

    See our Normalization Rule documentation here

    Example syntax:

    replaceControlContents "<tag>.{<position>,<length>}. 
    <value>" with "<new value>" 
    Example: replaceControlContents "LDR.{5,1}.n" with "u" 


    • Article last edited: 17-May-2018