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    Why item has a Material Type of “ELEC (not listed)."

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    The material type "ELEC" is missing from Physical Material Type Code Table, yet some migrated Items have Material Type of “ELEC (not listed)."


    During migration, some physical items from ILS get mapped to Material type "<code> (not listed)", for example, "ELEC (not listed)".
    The "ELEC" is mapped to the item based on EXL standard migration mapping: BIB LDR position 6= a, position 7=m, and 007 position 00=c.
    Alma's item material type codes are fixed.
    "ELEC" is not a code for physical items.
    It's recommended that customers review items with material type "<code>(not listed)"

    Below are the steps to build a set of these items in Alma, in the event that further action may be needed (e.g. update, move, omit):

    1. Repository Advanced Search for Physical Items
    2. Add conditions > Physical Item > Material Type
    3. Choose Material Type "not equals" BOOK
    4. In the results list, choose the Item Material type facet choice which has an empty value.
    5. Save the query as set

    Once the set is built, it can be used as input for the "Change Physical Items" job.

    Additional Information

    This will only happen in migrated data.

    The "Change Physical Items" job s explained at: 


    • Article last edited: 18-NOV-2017