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    Yearly Resource Sharing Requests Limit

    • Product: Alma


    How is the Yearly Resource Sharing Requests Limit calculated?


    The Yearly Resource Sharing Requests Limit is the maximum number of resource sharing requests that a patron is allowed to have in a given year.

    Use the parameter rs_yearly_ill_limit_start_date (in "Other Settings") to define the start of the year.

    All active, completed and cancelled requests are counted. Deleted requests are not counted. So deleting a request is a way to remove it from the count.

    Note that when you want to use this limit, you should be very careful when using the job "Resource Sharing Completed Request Cleanup" at the same time. This job will delete resource sharing requests, and as stated above, they will be removed from the count. In the Fulfillment Jobs Configuration you can activate or deactivate this job. You may also define that only certain requests are deleted, for example cancelled requests. This would be a workaround if you want to remove cancelled requests from the count.



    • Article last edited: 28-Apr-2022
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