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    parameter days_password_change has apparently no effect

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    We recently changed the parameter days_password_change from x days to y days. However, we still see that they are asked to change their password after x days. Why doesn't the change take effect.  

    It is set up in: Administration > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings,


    It does but not immediately. Every user has a password expiry date according to the value of "days_password_change". So if you change this value now, the password expiry dates will not be changed instantly. Instead they remain the same. Only when the users are prompted to change their passwords again, the expiry date will be changed to the new value.


    1. days_password_change is set to 60 days.
    2. On August1 user John Doe is forced to change his password; the next password change is due on September 30.
    3. On August 2 the parameter days_password_change is modified to 365 days.
    4. On September 30 user John Doe is forced to change his password. Only now a new password expiry date is assigned.
    5. On September 30 of the next year user John Doe is asked again to change his password.


    Additional Information

    Click here for the Online Help regarding the parameter "days_password_change".


    • Article last edited: 24-APR-2016