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    New Metadata Editor Functionality


    User Interface Improvements Overview

    Beginning with the May 2020 release, Ex Libris is undertaking a usability improvement initiative to facilitate an enhanced user experience across Alma navigation and in the Metadata Editor. This initiative is a result of cooperation with Alma working groups and a response to wider community feedback.  

    For more information, see Usability Improvements.

    New Metadata Editor Functionality Rollout Plan

    The following table details the rollout timeline for the New Metadata Editor per functionality.

    New Metadata Editor Menu Option Functionality Release*
    Save Save Record (Split Icon's Upper action) May 2020
    Save and Release  May 2020
    Save Draft May 2020
    Save as Template  May 2020
    (configuration for network members only)
    * Network members can contribute bib records to the network catalog, which is a central catalog for all members.
    May 2020
    New Sub-section: "Recently Used Templates" - New Feature Q1 2021 - not planned
    list of relevant available formats according to the configuration May 2020
    Template Display Configuration - New Feature May 2020
    Contribution to Community Zone  November 2020
    Open Record - New Menu Item - not planned Barcode - New Feature Q1 2021
    ISBN - New Feature Q1 2021
    ISSN - New Feature Q1 2021
    MMS ID - New Feature Q1 2021
    Other System Number - New Feature Q1 2021
    Record Actions Release Record May 2020
    Reload Original Record May 2020
    Duplicate Record May 2020
    Derive new record (Bib only) May 2020
    Merge & Combine July 2020
    Validate (Local + network - bib + Authority + Holdings) May 2020
    Find Matches (Bib + Authority) May 2020
    Show Linkage Information (Bib only Toggle action) August 2020
    Add Note August 2020
    Assign Record to Another Cataloger (Valid for bib + Authority + Holdings) August 2020
    Release Assignment August 2020
    Suppress from Discovery
    (Toggle action - for Bib and Holdings)
    August 2020
    Sub-section: "Set Management Tags"
    - Export to WorldCat
    - Force Export to WorldCat
    - Export to Librairies Australia
    - Force Export to Libraries Australia
    November 2020
    Contribute Record to Central Catalog (For network members only) September 2020
    Copy to Catalog (For network members - for network bib) August 2020
    Share with Network (For network members only) August 2020
    Validate in Network (For local + network - For LOCAL: bib + Authority + Holdings) August 2020
    Update from Bibliographic (For Holdings record only) August 2020
    Relink to a Different Record (For Holdings record only) August 2020
    Generate Accession Number (For Holdings record only) August 2020
    Next Predicted Item's Information (For Holdings record only) August 2020
    Open Predicted Items
    (For Holdings record only)
    August 2020
    Change Authority Placement (For Authority record only) August 2020
    See Also (For Authority record only) August 2020
    Delete Record August 2020
    Editing Actions Add Field May 2020
    Add Subfield May 2020
    Add Local Field May 2020
    Remove Field May 2020
    Open Form Editor August 2020
    Close Form Editor August 2020
    Field Information May 2020
    Cut May 2020
    Copy May 2020
    Paste May 2020
    Enhance the Record May 2020
    Expand from Template May 2020
    Add Heading Section May 2020
    Generate Author Number May 2020
    Sub-section: Add Alternate Graphic Representation  September 2020
    Sub-section: Change Script September 2020
    Sub-section: Link Fields September 2020
    Unlink Fields May 2020
    Flip Fields September 2020
    Sub-section: Insert Directional Char July 2020
    Show Directional Char July 2020
    Add Inventory Add Item July 2020
    Add Portfolio July 2020
    Add Representative July 2020
    View Related Data View Bibliographic  Record September 2020
    View Collections July 2020
    View in Search July 2020
    View Inventory May 2020
    View linked Data November 2020
    View Notes May 2020
    View Orders September 2020
    View Related Bibliographic Records May 2020
    View Versions May 2020
    Order Order September 2020
    Search & Browse Browse Shelf Listing May 2020
    Browse Bib Headings May 2020
    Search Resources May 2020
    Editing Pane Field Information (action in Field level menu) - New Feature May 2020
    […]  (Field level menu) - New Feature May 2020
    Colored field number/indicators/sub-fields - New Feature May 2020
    Cataloger Level in Authorities February 2021
    Record's Navigation Pane Filter list (scope filter) - New Feature May 2020
    Search in list - New Feature May 2020
    Refresh list - New Feature May 2020
    Release All May 2020
    Editor Split Mode May 2020
    Pin Record List - New Feature May 2020
    Expand >> /Collapse << - New Feature May 2020
    X (close pane in pane's header) - New Feature May 2020
    (i)  (pane's header information icon) - New Feature May 2020
    (save diskette icon) (auto save information) - New Feature May 2020
    Record's warning/error editing validation messages May 2020
    View Record's validation messages in split mode - New Feature August 2020
    Pushed (badge) - New Feature May 2020
    Assigned (badge) - New Feature May 2020
    View Only (badge) - New Feature December 2020
    Notes (icon badge) - New Feature May 2020
    Suppressed (icon badge) - New Feature May 2020
    Right click menu (on a record in the records list) - New Feature Q3 2021
    Informative record tooltip in records list - New Feature May 2020
    Other Catalog Set September 2020

    *The timeline of the rollout plan is subject to change.

    More Resources

    • See video for a short training session
    • See webinar to understand more 

    Known Issues

    The following table contains selected known issues. 

    Metadata Editor

    Both LDR fields are focused
    When opening a record, and then clicking Split and opening another record, the LDR fields of both records are focused. 
    Wrong time in the tooltip of the auto-save icon
    After manual save, the tooltip of the auto-save icon is not updated to the time displayed in "Successfully Saved" message.

    Info message about linking the bib heading to authority records does not appear

    When you create a bib heading where field 650 (first indicator 1 and second indicator 0) is $$a, and then click save, the message "Alma has attempted to link the bib headings to authority records..." does not appear, or appears wrongly.

    A warning appears across both sides of the split screen

    On merge preview, a warning appears on both sides of the split screen. 

    When browsing bib headings, the arrow goes over the results

    When you browse bib headings and select View for a result, the arrow goes over the left side of the split screen.

    White space above the validation message hides part of the record content

    When viewing two bib records with validation messages in split mode, if pinning the validation messages, the white space above the validation message hides part of the record content.

    Missing information when viewing representation of inventory
    When viewing representation of inventory, some information is missing and some doesn't look as expected.  

    Search Resources - can't see side-by-side with an existing record

    The bib in the left pane is collapsed when the Search Resources result record is clicked, instead of the Search Resources form. There is no way to observe both the existing record and a Search Resources result.