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    Searching for Invoices

    To search for invoices, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Invoice Manager
    • Invoice Operator
    • Invoice Operator Extended
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Purchasing Operator
    You can see only invoices associated with the scope assigned to your role.
    You search for invoices using the persistent search box (see Searching in Alma).
    When performing an Invoice>All search from the persistent search box, only Status, Library, Invoice number, Invoice reference number, Invoice unique ID, Vendor name, and Vendor code are searchable fields. However, the PO line title, the PO line number, and the PO number are not indexed in the All search. If you select the specific criteria, instead of All, your search will be successful.
    Search results for invoices (see Searching in Alma) appear on a results page.
    Search Results for Invoices
    You can locate specific invoices using the facets (Limit results to) on the left side of the page
    The following facets are available:
    • Status – The status of the invoice. You can also search for invoices with a specific status using the following search strings:
      • Closed – Search for closed
        Invoices whose status is "Closed" are displayed as "Approved" when opening the invoice. This is because the status in "Invoice details" refers to Approval Status and not the Status of the Invoice.
      • In Approval – Search for inapproval
      • In Review – Search for inreview
      • Ready to be paid – Search for waiting to be sent
        These invoices will be processed by the next ERP Export job. For more information, see Financial Systems.
      • Waiting for Payment – Search for ready to be paid
        These invoices were processed by the ERP Export job and are now waiting for the payment step to be handled.
    • Alert – The type of alert for the invoice—for example, Additional invoice lines are Linked to the same PO line, Currency different from PO, and Invoice with the same number exists
    • Vendor – The vendor to which the invoice must be paid
    • Source – The mode by which the invoice was created (from a file, from an EDI, from a PO, or manually)
    • Owner – The institution or the library associated with the invoice
    The Find Invoices page displays the following columns for each invoice.
    Approve Orders Page Columns
    Column Description
    Invoice # The number of the invoice
    Exclamation Point.PNG The number of alerts for the invoice
    Select the value to open the Invoice Details page and view the alerts for the invoice.
    Status The status of the invoice
    Vendor The vendor to which the invoice is to be sent
    Owner The institution or the library associated with the invoice
    Creation From The method by which the invoice was created
    Creation Date The date on which the invoice was created
    Last Updated Date The date of the invoice’s most recent update
    Total Price The total price of the invoice
    # of lines The number of PO lines to be included in the invoice
    To view an invoice, select View in the row actions list. The Invoice Details page opens. The fields on this page cannot be edited.
    To navigate to the list of invoices that are in review, select Go to task list in the row actions list. The In Review Invoices page opens (see Reviewing Invoices).
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