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    Borrowing Requests Associated with Funds


    This page provides an overview of borrowing requests associated with funds in Alma. For more information on resource sharing including locating items for resource sharing, working with resource sharing partners, managing borrowing and lending requests and contributing to the resource sharing directory, see Resource Sharing.

    To receive resource sharing items, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Fulfillment Services Operator (for the resource sharing library)
    • Fulfillment Services Manager (for the resource sharing library)
    Resource sharing borrowing requests can be assigned to a fund. See Manually Adding a Borrowing Request.
    To do this:
    When a borrowing request has a shipping cost (other costs, such as request or receipt fees are applied to the user) and an associated fund, a transaction is created in the fund as an encumbrance. If the request is deleted, the encumbrance is deleted as well. When the item is received, the transaction is updated as an expenditure. Fund managers can view the borrowing request from the fund transactions list. When doing so, the requester information is hidden.
    You must run the Rollover Resource Sharing Requests job once a year to reallocate requests with open encumbrances to new funds. See Rolling Over Resource Sharing Requests.
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