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    Customizing How Library and Location Appear

    To configure how library and location appear:
    • Catalog Administrator
    You can customize whether the library and location appear as a code only, name only, or both in the following areas:
    • Repository Search Results
    • MD Editor Editing Holdings Record - 852 Field Form
    To customize how the library location appears:
    On the Library/Location Display page (Configuration Menu > Resources > General > Library/Location Display), for each area select one of the options for how the library and location appear and select Save.
    Library/Location Display Page
    For example, here are search results with the location code only:
    Search with Library/Location Code Only Configured
    The following search results show the location name only:
    Search with Library/Location Name Only Configured
    The following search results show the location code and name:
    Search with Library/Location Code and Name Configured