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    Waiving Fines in Bulk

    To waive fines in bulk, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Manager
    • User Administrator
    For more information about managing user fines and fees, see Managing User Fines and Fees.
    You can waive user fines and fees in bulk by running a job. You run the job on the Bulk Fine Waiving page (Admin > User Management > Bulk Fine Waiving).
    For information on waiving fines and fees, watch User Management Workflows (4:05).
    Bulk Fine Waiving Page
    To waive user fines in bulk:
    1. On the Bulk Fine Waiving page, enter the following information.
      • Maximum fine threshold to waive – The maximum fine to waive. If the total amount of a user’s fines is greater than the threshold, none of the user's fines are waived.
        For example:
        • Maximum fine threshold to waive = $120
        • The patron has fines of $10, $50, and $70
        Since the total of the patron’s fines exceeds the Maximum fine threshold to waive value, none of the fines are waived.
    2. Exclude user with overdue loans – Whether to exclude users who have overdue loans.
    3. User Group – Specify user groups for which to waive fines.
    4. Waive fine types – Specify the types of fines to waive.
    5. Waiving reason – The reason for waiving the fine. For example, you may want to waive fines accrued by your faculty.
    6. Select Run bulk fine waiving and select Confirm in the confirmation dialog box.

    The job runs, and information about the job appears on the page. Select Refresh to monitor the progress of the job. Also see Viewing Running Jobs and Viewing Completed Jobs.

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