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    Validating the ILS Migration Form


    To validate ILS Migration Forms, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    During the Alma implementation phase, you are required to complete an ILS Migration Form if you are migrating records from a legacy ILS to Alma. You can validate whether your form is missing or contains incomplete information on the Validate ILS Migration Form page Configuration Menu > General > General Configuration > Validate ILS Migration Form.


    Validate ILS Migration Form Page
    To validate your ILS Migration Form:
    1. On the Validate ILS Migration Form page, select the source ILS. This page currently supports the following source ILSs:
      • Aleph
      • Voyager
      • Millennium
      • Symphony
      • Talis
      • VTLS
      • Horizon
    2. Browse for and select the ILS Migration Form from your local file system. After selecting the file, an icon of the file appears on the page.


      Validate ILS Migration Form Page with File Loaded
    3. Select one of the following, depending on where you are in your migration timeline: 
      • Test-load – the validation is performed independently, without checking any values in the Alma database
      • Cutover – the validation is performed by comparing values in the migration form against values in Alma.  To use the 'Cutover' option, you must perform the validation in the Alma instance which contains your test-load data.  If new values are added in the Library or the Location tab that are not in Alma, you receive a notification that they should be added to Alma. See Data and Configuration Elements Retained at Cutover.
    4. Select Validate.
    5. If the file is invalid, the invalid sheets and fields are noted together with the specific validation issues:


      Validate ILS Migration Form Page with Invalid File

      Correct the form and validate again.

    6. If the file is valid, the following message appears:


      Validate ILS Migration Form Page with Valid File

      Download the valid form, which has the results of validation in an extra Report tab.

    7. The next step depends on which product you are using:
      • For Aleph and Voyager customers – validate the form again against the data in your Aleph or Voyager DB on the server.
      • For non-Ex Libris customers – provide the form along with your exported data files to the Alma migration team.
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