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    Using the Course Reserves View

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    The Course Reserves View allows you to display all course reserves defined for your institution, to search for a specific course ID, description, or instructor, and to view all items for a course.

    In addition to the Course Reserves View, users will be able to discover course reserve materials in the regular Summon search results if the course reserves facet is enabled. For more information, see Enabling the Course Reserves Facets in Summon.

    After selecting the Course Reserves tab, Summon displays a scrollable list that contains all of the active courses for the institution, which are defined in Alma/Leganto.


    Course Reserves View

    If the list contains many course reserves, you can search for specific course IDs, descriptions, and instructors by entering search terms in the view's search box.


    Searching for Course Reserves

    If you want to start over, select New Search to clear the search box and display all course reserves.

    Selecting a course from the search results queries the Summon Index for all bibliographic records that belong to the course reading list.


    Displaying a Course's Records

    Selecting an item from the list of bibliographic records displays the Alma Services page for an item, which allows you to view or request an item.


    Viewing an Item on a Course's List
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