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    Analytics Folders

    Analytics contains folders that provide you with out-of-the-box reports that are not editable as well as folders where you can save reports that you create. There are separate folders for reports that you want to make available for other users in your institution, for reports that you want to make available to other users in other institutions, and for reports that you do not want to make available to others. Folders are available in the Folders pane in the top left of the Catalog page. It is possible to move folders with drag and drop and copy/paste.
    Analytics Folders
    The following folders are available:
    • My Folders – A read / write personal folder accessible only to the logged in user.
      Do not make a shortcut to a report in My Folders
    • Shared Folders
      • Alma, Leganto, etc – Read-only folders containing out-of-the-box reports produced by Ex Libris.
      • <your institution> – A read / write folder for the institution to save and edit reports. It is accessible and visible only to your institution.
        Do not delete the institution folder. If deleted, contact Ex Libris support.
      • Community – A read / write folder visible and accessible to save and copy reports for all institutions. Includes reports and dashboards of all the institutions with Ex Libris Analytics in the world. It contains only queries (no data of other institutions is visible). For more information, see Community Folder Structure.
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