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    Searching for NACSIS Member Information

    This page contains information on searching for NACSIS member information in Alma. For information on working with NACSIS-ILL in general including configuration, NACSIS holdings management, etc., see Integration with NACSIS-CAT/ILL.

    Japanese libraries use the NACSIS central catalog for metadata management and ILL. NACSIS manages detailed information about its member institutions, such as contact details, ILL policy terms, and other relevant information. This information is available for any member of the catalog to search and view. Japanese Alma customers working with the NACSIS catalog can view this information for other institutions and can edit their own information directly from Alma.  


    Searching for NACSIS Member Information in Alma

    From within Alma, you can search for member records in NACSIS.

    To search for NACSIS member information:
    1. In Alma, open the Cloud App center and select the NACSIS-CAT/ILL app.
    2. Within the app, open the Members section. The panel opens with fields by which you can search NACSIS member information.
    3. Expand the Members search panel for convenience. Select the expand NACSIS record.png button on the panel.
    4. Select the desired search criteria and then select Search
      search NACSIS member info.png
    5. All members that match the search criteria appear below on the same page. You can perform the below actions:
      To: Do:
      View the institution information
      1. Make sure that 'All' is selected in the Owner field.
      2. Select the ID link for the desired member OR Select View in the row actions. 
        NACSIS member record.png
      Edit your own information
      1. Select 'Mine' in the Owner field. Your record appears. 
      2. Edit the desired information and select Save
        Note that the fields that were created by NACSIS in the registration phase cannot be edited. These are the following fields:
        • Participating organization code & date
        • Participating organization name
        • Participating organization abbreviation
        • Region (prefecture) code
        • Establisher type
        • Institution type
        • CAT participation type
        • ILL participation type
        • Location Code
        • Offset cod 
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