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    Integration XSL Converters


    The following role is required to define XSL converters:

    • General System Administrator

    When importing users to Alma from SIS systems that use other data formats than Alma, you can convert data from the source system formats to the format required by Alma.

    Currently this is possible for the following integrations (see Student Information Systems):

    • SIS import
    • SIS synchronization

    You can upload and manage XSLT converters from the Integration XSL Converters page (Alma Configuration > General > External Systems), as well as share converters in the Community Zone.

    XSL convertors page.jpg

    On this page, you can do the following:

    • Upload XSLT converters
    • Edit XSLT converters
    • Validate XSLT converters and preview results on a demo file
    • Share XSLT converters between institutions

    Once the XSLT converter has been defined and validated, you can apply it to Integration Profiles, see Student Information Systems.

    Uploading XSLT Converters

    To upload a new XSLT converter:
    1. Open the Integration XSL Converters page (Alma Configuration > General > External Systems).
    2. Click Add New Converter. A dialog box opens. 
      add new converter.jpg
    3. Browse to upload the file.
    4. Enter the file name. The file must have the *xsl suffix and must have a valid XML structure.
    5. Select the type. Currently, the only type that is enabled is 'Users import and synchronization'.

    Editing XSLT Converters

    To edit an XSLT converter:
    1. Open the Integration XSL Converters page (Alma Configuration > General > External Systems).
    2. Select a converter and click Edit in the row actions list. A screen opens where you can edit the converter. 
      editin xml converter.jpg
    3. On the Template tab, you can edit the name and description, and the raw XSL text. 
    4. Select Save to save your changes. 

    Validating XSLT Converters

    To validate the converter against the relevant XSD according to the converter type, you can upload a sample file.

    You can open the XML file, to modify and download it. 

    To validate an XSLT converter:
    1. Open the Integration XSL Converters page (Alma Configuration > General > External Systems).
    2. Select a converter and click Edit in the row actions list. 
    3. Open the Data Samples tab. 
    4. Click Upload sample (XML), then browse for the data sample file and upload it.  
      validate the data sample.jpg
    5. To modify the xml file and download it, select Edit in the row actions list, edit the file and select Download XML
    6. To preview the resulting XML file, select Preview in the row actions list, select the particular converter type 
    7. To delete the data sample file from the list, select Delete in the row actions list. 

    Contributing XSLT Converters to the Community Zone

    Institutions spend many hours creating XSLT converters. In order to save time and effort, librarians can contribute these converters to the Community Zone and copy and use the converters that other institutions contributed to the Community Zone. Once the converter has been copied to the institution, the institution can make changes to it in order to customize it for its needs. 

    Contributed XSLT converters appear in the Community tab on the Integration XSL Converters page. Copied converters appear in the Institution tab. 

    The Aleph to Alma converter of integration type 'Users import and synchronization' was contributed to the Community Zone by Ex Libris. 

    To contribute XSLT converters to the Community Zone:
    1. From the row actions, select Contribute for a XSLT converters on the Institution tab of the Integration XSL Converters page (Alma Configuration > General > External Systems).

      A confirmation message opens. 

    2. Edit the name and description in the message, and add a contact person, as relevant. Then click Yes in the confirmation message. 
      Upon confirmation, the converter is copied to the list of converters in the Community tab and can be copied by any institution.
    To view contributed XSLT converters and/or copy a contributed XSLT converter:
    1. Open the Community tab on the Integration XSL Converters page (Alma Configuration > General > External Systems).

      To view the XSLT converter, select View from the row actions. The profile details appear.

    2. Select Copy in the row actions list of the converter. The converter is copied to your institution and the new converter is opened for editing. The converter is copied and its status is Inactive by default.
    3. Edit the converter details to match your requirements.
    4. When you are done, select Save.
    5. Select the Institution tab to view the converter that you copied.
    To remove (unshare) from the Community Zone a converter you contributed previously:
    • Select Delete in the row actions list of the converter and select Confirm in the confirmation dialog box.

    The converter is no longer available to other institutions. However, it is not deleted; you can continue using it in the Institution tab. Also, if another institution already copied this converter , the deletion of your converter has no effect on their local copy.

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