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    ORCID URI Enrichment for Bib Records Using Alma Refine

    To configure an ORCID integration profile, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Administrators can configure an integration profile for ORCID in Alma that enables them to use their ORCID credentials to add ORCID URIs into their Bib records using the Alma Refine cloud app.
    Only a single ORCID integration profile can be added per institution.

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    To configure the ORCID integration profile for your institution:
    1. On the Integration Profile List page (Configuration menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles), select Add Integration Profile. Page 1 of the Add Integration Profile wizard appears.

      Add Integration Profile p1.png  

      Configuring an ORCID Profile (Page 1)
    2. Under Integration Type, select ORCID (do not select the code and the name). The page refreshes with relevant fields for the profile.
    3. Select Next. Page 2 of the wizard appears.
      ORCID Integration Profile - page 2 of wizard
      Configuring an ORCID Profile (Page 2)
    4. On page 2 of the wizard, configure the following fields:
      • Client ID - enter your ORCID client ID.
      • Client Secret – enter your ORCID client secret.
    5. Select Save.

    Once the integration profile is complete, you can select ORCID from the list of Refine services in the Alma Refine cloud app.

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