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    Multi Step Match Configuration


    The existing user roles required for the import profile (see Managing Import Profiles) are sufficient for configuring the multi-step match method.

    New for Match! When loading titles to Alma via the metadata import, the match between imported records and records that already exist in the institution's catalog is performed based on the matching routine selected in the relevant Import profile. However, it is often difficult to select the most appropriate matching routine, as different routines might be suitable for different situations. 
    The Multi Step Match Configuration mapping table (Configuration > Resource Management > General > Multi Step Match Configuration) enables you to define multi-step match routines comprised from the existing list of options for match methods, which are then run in the order defined in the table.
    The matching process is as following:
    1. Alma attempts matching a record using the first match method.
    2. If a match was found, the record is considered as a match.
    3. Alma attempts matching the next record. 

    Using the Multi Step Match Method

    The Multi Step Match Methods routine can be used in the below locations within Alma:

    multi match step methods in import profile.png

    Multi Step Match Configuration

    The Multi Step Match Configuration mapping table (Configuration > Resource Management > General > Multi Step Match Configuration) presents all match methods predefined in Alma. There are 15 predefined match methods per family (MARC21, UNIMARC, CNMARC), making a total of 45 match methods. Out of these, there are 5 for serial resource types, 5 for non serial, and 5 for when the match is not done based on resource type (All).

    By default, all ​​​rows are disabled.

    If the institution did not enable any lines in this table, Alma does not look for matches between the imported and the existing titles when the "Multi Step Match Method" option is selected. 

    Multi Step Match Configuration table.png

    To select the routines for multi-match:
    1. Toggle the Enable control to enable the desired routines. 
    2. In the Match Routine column, select the desired match method from the dropdown.
      For the description of each of the matching methods, see Match Methods – Explanations and Examples
    3. If you selected the match method "035 (Other System Identifier) Match Method", in the System Identifier Prefix column optionally provide any text. This option makes the match processing more granular. It enables you to specify a 035 prefix that filters the matching process based on the prefix that you enter.
      For other match methods, do not enter anything in this column.
    4. Select Save to save your selections. 

    In a Consortia, the central office can share the configured Multi Step Match Configuration table with all members of the Consortia via the Manage Table in Network option (see Centrally Managing Configurations in a Network Zone).

    Multi Step Match Configuration in the Network Zone

    When importing profiles from a member institution into the Network - the configuration of the Multi Step Match Method routine is taken from the member.

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