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Fulfillment and Resource Sharing

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Fulfillment & Resource Sharing


Alma Fulfillment and Resource Sharing features allow patrons to gain quick and easy access to resources of all formats, utilizing library managed resources as well as resources the library can obtain from external resources​.

2021 H2

Support for InnReach APIs – General Availability

What’s New Highlights Impact
Support of InnReach APIs will be made generally available
  • Direct API calls between Alma and InnReach for:​

    • Publishing bibliographic and holdings information to InnReach​

    • Managing the resource sharing process between Alma and InnReach

Save costs, and benefit from a more robust integration by removing the RSB (formerly DCB) component.

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Limit Fulfillment Management Actions According to User Role Scope

    Library Independence.png


What’s New Highlights Impact
Staff users will be permitted to perform Fulfillment management actions based on the scope of their roles.
  • Various actions on the user record such as add or remove blocks/notes/attachments, will be enabled/disabled based on the scope definition of the user role (specific library level or institution level (across libraries)). See more details in the Library Independency document

  • The existing library information on circulation activities will be used to limit access to the loans/returns/requests/fines&fees. See more details in the Library Independency document

Better control over staff activity across libraries

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Link Resolver Get It  - Define Location Sort Order (NERS)

What’s New Highlights Impact
The institution will be able to define the sort order of library locations   Multiple holdings will be listed in the order that has been defined by the institution when displaying the list of locations in the GetIt tab. Easily select the relevant resource from a list with multiple locations

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Japan - Integration with NACSIS ILL

What’s New Highlights Impact

Institutions using Alma in Japan will be able to continue to benefit from NACSIS ILL services. ​

Staff users managing resource sharing requests will be able to integrate with the NACSIS ILL broker system Better support for Japanese libraries.

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2022 H1

DARA Request Workflow Recommendations 

What’s New Highlights Impact
DARA will identify resource requests that are taking a long time to process DARA will provide recommendations to review resource requests that are 'in process' for a long time, in order to review them and consider alternatives Quicker workflows provide better services to end users

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Enhanced Rapid ILL Integration

What’s New Highlights Impact
New integration points with Rapid ILL 

It will be possible to configure lending off times in Alma affecting Rapid ILL off times, without requiring double configuration. In addition, Rapid ILL errors will be better reflected in Alma

Fully seamless workflow and configuration with RapidILL

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'Query to Patron' Responses in Alma

What’s New Highlights Impact
Automatic handling of patrons' responses to resource sharing request related queries Patrons will be able to answer queries sent to them by resource sharing staff directly in Alma Faster feedback from patrons on library queries and faster library processing of the requests

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Patron Services Screen – Enhanced UX    


What’s New Highlights Impact
New Patron Services screen  The new screen will be redesigned to leverage new layout capabilities and provide a fresh and improved user experience Quicker and more effective work at the circulation desk, using a cleaner and better personalized Patron Services screen

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2022 H2 - 2023

Harvesting External Resource for Resource Sharing 

What’s New Highlights Impact
Ability to place resource sharing requests from third party discovery interfaces Patrons will be able to used pre-populated forms for submitting resource sharing requests, based on search results of a third party discovery source Patrons will be able to launch resource sharing requests from many different discovery sources.

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Automatic Purchase Requests

What’s New Highlights Impact
Libraries will be able to automatically launch a purchase process based on a resource sharing request
  • Rules will enable launching a purchase request based on a resource sharing request’s attributes, such as:​

    • A copyright related block ​

    • Publication Date​

    • Price 

Library staff will enjoy more efficiency in managing purchasing processes based on patron requests and library defined criteria.

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Enhanced ILLiad Integration (Notes Management)

What’s New Highlights Impact
Including request notes in requests pushed to ILLiad Pushing borrowing requests into ILLiad will include request notes Full integration, including pushing borrowing requests notes to ILLiad

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Fulfillment Configuration Simplified

What’s New Highlights Impact
Easier to use tools to create and maintain fulfillment configurations  New tools and a redesigned UI will make it easier to configure Fulfillment Units, rules, TOU's and policies, and to test them while configuring Clear and easy setup, reporting and maintenance of Fulfillment configurations

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