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    Analytics - January 2018 Enhancements

    New Digital Inventory Subject Area

    The Digital Inventory subject area allows you to create reports concerning digital inventory. For more information, see Digital Inventory.

    Anonymization of Alma Analytics Reports

    You can now anonymize fields that contain identifying information of users when creating Alma Analytics reports. Anonymizing this data enables you to make reports for statistics and trends without violating privacy concerns or local privacy-related laws.

    Additional Analytics Enhancements

    • The Record Format field was added to the Bibliographic Details dimension in all subject areas in which it appears. This field displays the format of the bibliographic record, such as MARC21, KORMARC, and DC.
    • The following fields from the Physical Items > Holding Details folder are no longer marked as under construction and can be used for saved reports:
      • Immediate Source of Acquisition Note
      • Ownership and Custodial History
      • Copy and Version Identification Note
      • Binding Information
      • Method of Acquisition
      • 852 MARC
      • Non Public Note
      • Public note
      • Suppressed from Discovery
      • Call Number Suffix
      • Electronic Location and Access
    • The Local fields in Alma Analytics were enhanced. It is now possible to display the subfield delimiter between the subfield values. If you want to have the local fields include the subfield delimiter, contact Ex Libris support.
    • The following fields were renamed:
      • The Expected Arrival Date field (Physical Items > Physical Item Details) was renamed Expected Receiving Date.
      • The Expected Receiving Date field (Physical Items > PO Line) was renamed Expected Receipt Date.
    • The Material Type field was added to Funds Expenditures > Bibliographic Details. It indicates the material type of the resource.
    • The Job Title field (Users > User Details) was renamed Job Category to match the field name in Alma. Its value now comes from the description of the Job Titles table instead of from the code of the Job Titles tab.
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