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    Administration and Infrastructure - May 2017 Enhancements

    Email Attachment Retention/Purge

    idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Letter attachments are retained in Alma for a certain length of time; this length may now be defined per letter. After the defined retention period, an attachment is permanently deleted. The mapping table Letter Retention Configuration was added to the General Configuration menu. The table lists letters and the number of days the letter is retained before auto-deletion. A weekly job deletes all attachments for the listed letters that were created prior to the retention date. For more information, see Setting Letter Retention Periods.

    Additional Administration and Infrastructure Enhancements

    • The Manage Patron Services page now includes an option to detach a user's account from their social account. For more information, see Managing Patron Services.
      Manage Patron Services Detach Social highlighted.png
      Manage Patron Services
    • When running a manual job, the Parameters step now appears only when there are parameters to define. In addition, the Schedule step was removed, since manual jobs are always run immediately. The ability to rename the job was moved to the Review and Confirm step. The number of entities that will be affected by the job appears in the Review and Confirm step, in addition to the Parameters step. See Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
    • Ten customer-defined fine/fee types have been added to the Fines/Fees Behavior table. They are disabled by default and may be activated by Ex Libris Customer Support. For more information, see Configuring Fines/Fees Behavior.
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