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    Collaborative Networks - November 2016 Enhancements

    Sharing Digital Inventory Between Member Institutions

    Institutions working with a Network Zone can now expose their digital inventory to other member institutions. This allows their inventory to be discoverable by member institutions. For detailed information, see Sharing Digital Inventory with Member Institutions.

    Control Patron Information Sharing

    When a linked user is created in a fulfillment network, institutions may now select attributes of a linked user are to be shared. Only attributes configured with Shared set to True are copied to the new linked user. Fields that have Shared set to Falsereceive a blank field at the target institution. Existing users that were created with more details retain their data. For detailed information, see Configuring Linked Account Shared Fields.

    Additional Collaborative Network Enhancements

    • If you want to instruct Alma to use local external resource search profiles as opposed to the Network Zone external resource search profiles, contact Ex Libris Support. See Searching External Resources for more information. Note that if you are using local external resource search profiles, the Copy & Overlay, Copy & Merge and Merge Preview functions aren't currently available. This will be fixed in a future Alma release.
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