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    Collaborative Networks - May 2016 Enhancements

    Held By Indication for Electronic Collections 

    Title searches in the Network Zone will now include the Held By indication for electronic collections available by members.
    With the addition of electronic collection level bibliographic record content available in the Community Zone (see Electronic Collection Bibliographic Records and URLs Added to the Community Zone​), the Network Zone will be updated with the electronic collection bibliographic records for those electronic collections that have been activated from the Community Zone by the network members. As a result, the search results for All Titles searches performed by members in the Network tab will include the Held By indication for electronic collections.
    Changes to the Network Zone will occur during May 2016 to include the electronic collection level bibliographic record content.

    Distinguishing Between Network Level Local Authority Records and Institution Level Local Authority Records 

    For member institutions that are configured for working with local authorities, improvements have been made in the MD Editor to enable you to more easily distinguish between local authority records at the Institution and Network levels. This is apparent from the labeling changes and addition of icons in the MD Editor Records tab and in the File > New menu options.
    MD Editor Records Tab for a Member in the Network
    MD Editor File > New Menu Options for a Member in the Network
    In the MD Editor Records tab of a member, the Network level local authority record is identified by (Network) in the name. In the MD Editor File > New menu of a member, the Institution and Network level local authority record options are identified with the Institution and Network icons.
    Since you identify the level of the local authority (Institution or Network) when you select the File > New option, it is no longer necessary to set the File > Options to indicate the placement of new local authority records. As a result, this option has been removed from the File > Options menu.
    MD Editor File > Options New Local Authority Record Placement Parameter Removed
    For more information, see Working with Authority Records.

    Browsing Bibliographic Headings in the Network 

    Browse Bibliographic Headings, available in the April 2016 release, has been expanded to include browsing the headings of the shared catalog managed in the Network Zone for member institutions in a collaborative network environment. For member institutions in such an environment, you can select where you would like to browse using the Browse In parameter. The options are to browse the titles at the institution level (Institution) or browse the titles at the Network level (Network).
    Browse In Parameter for Network Members
    For more information, see Browsing Bibliographic Headings.

    Enhancements to the Aleph Central Catalog Integration 

    The following enhancements were implemented to Alma integration with the Aleph Central Catalog:
    • The Central Catalog Merge Routine field has been added to the Central Catalog Integration publishing profile. This indicates the merge routine to be used by Aleph when merging changes from a member into the central catalog and allows the central catalog to support variant handling of local fields:
      Central Catalog Merge Routine
    • Enhancements have been made to the Central Catalog Integration job history report, including the addition of the Record not deleted - record ID does not exist information.
    For more information, see Integrating an Aleph Central Catalog.
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