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    360 KB: H.W. Wilson Databases Transitioning to EBSCOhost -- Dec. 2011 - Jan.-Feb. 2012

    • Product: 360 KB

    What is happening with the H.W. Wilson database transfer to EBSCOhost in December 2011 and January-February 2012?

    Update Feb. 6, 2012

    As previously announced, EBSCO has acquired the H.W. Wilson Company, necessitating the transfer of WilsonWeb databases and URLs to EBSCOhost.

    ProQuest has added new EBSCOhost databases -- which are the replacements for the H.W. Wilson databases -- to the 360 KB knowledgebase.

    We have created a spreadsheet showing the old H.W. Wilson products and their corresponding new EBSCOhost products, so that you know which databases to subscribe to in the Client Center, using the instructions in the next section.


    Actions You May Need to Take

    The steps you need to take to unsubscribe to the H.W. Wilson products and subscribe to the EBSCOhost products depend on which Serials Solutions services your library subscribes to:

    • If your library does not subscribe to 360 Resource Manager or 360 Counter:  You should set the Status of the old H.W. Wilson databases to Not Tracked to remove them from your Client Center profile, and subscribe to the corresponding EBSCOhost products as soon as possible.
    • If your library does subscribe to 360 Resource Manager or 360 Counter, and you have Resource Manager or Counter information attached to the H.W. Wilson databases (such as license information, contacts, payments): You might choose to deactivate the Wilson databases but retain them in Data Management while you move Resource Manager and Counter information to EBSCOhost. To do this, change the status of the H.W. Wilson databases to something other than Subscribed (such as Deselected Database, Formerly Wilson, Under Review or another appropriate custom status of your choice), and then uncheck the Display In boxes on each Database Details page, and also uncheck the databases in the E-Journal Portal's Administration Console. You will then be ready to proceed with moving the Resource Manager and Counter information to EBSCOhost, as shown in the first item of the Additional actions section below.

      NOTE:  If your library subscribes to 360 Counter but not to 360 Resource Manager, your available choices for an alternate status for these legacy databases are only Under Review or From Consortium.
    • If your library does subscribe to 360 Resource Manager or Counter, but you do not have Resource Manager or Counter information attached to the H.W. Wilson databases: Follow the first procedure above used by libraries that don't subscribe to 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter.
    • All libraries: After changing the status of the H.W. Wilson and EBSCOhost databases, you will want to preview your E-Journal Portal and display your list of databases, to ensure your patrons won't be able to see H.W. Wilson databases but will be able to see the EBSCOhost databases. To do this, start on the Client Center Home page, in the Administer Your Products > 360 Core section, click Administration Console. In the Administration Console, click Preview on the upper-right side. Review the database list, as it will appear in your patron-facing E-Journal Portal after our overnight profile refresh.


    Additional actions you may consider taking with each type of service:

    • 360 Resource Manager: If you want to move ERM data from Wilson to EBSCOhost, any resource notes, licenses, contacts, cost, administrative information or vendor statistics metadata that were previously attached to the Wilson databases can be attached to the new EBSCOhost databases. One way to do this is to download management reports from your Wilson databases, save them, then add the information to EBSCOhost.
    • 360 Counter: You may choose to realign your old Wilson usage statistics to provider EBSCOhost.  Locate your older Wilson usage-statistics spreadsheets, re-label them as EBSCOhost, then re-upload into 360 Counter. Once the Wilson/EBSCOhost statistics are successfully showing in your Consolidated Report, you can then delete the Wilson statistics from 360 Counter. More details here.
    • 360 Search: As of Jan. 30, 2012, we have set up authentication for 360 Search for your EBSCOhost/Wilson databases. If you hadn't already subscribed to the equivalent EBSCOhost databases, we subscribed you to them. If you still have H.W. Wilson databases selected for your 360 Search service, or if you have connection issues or questions, please contact us using the Contact Us menu at the top of this page and include any details that will help us resolve the issue.
    • 360 MARC Updates: Because some titles available in the H.W. Wilson databases are not available in the respective EBSCOhost databases, you can expect to see some delete records when you get your MARC records after the end of February 2012. In addition, if your library has requested the custom specification that adds the database name or provider name (as it appears in the Client Center) to MARC records, you can also expect to see some change records when you get your MARC records after the end of February 2012.
    • Third-Party ERM Service: If your library uses a third-party ERM service (such as SFX, EBSCO A-Z, etc.), custom scripts to manage data, or other non-Serials Solutions tools that require the database or provider name to function, you should note the change in Serials Solutions' names in order to retain the proper relationship/mapping between those tools.


    The following EBSCO documents may also be helpful to our mutual clients:



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