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    Ex Libris response to Oracles Java license change

    • Product: Cross-Product
    • Product Version: See table below
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


    Oracle has announced a change to their Java license policy. According to this announcement, Oracle will require a paid license to receive security patches for their Java runtime environment beginning with Java Version 11.

    In light of this announcement, and in order to provide our customers with an alternative which does not incur an additional cost, Ex Libris has decided to migrate its products to the OpenJDK Java runtime environment. The OpenJDK is a secure, stable, and proven runtime which is also certified by Oracle.

    All Ex Libris platform services and hosted products will be upgraded by Ex Libris to use the OpenJDK runtime.

    As for locally installed products, an upcoming version of the products listed below will include an update to the OpenJDK according to the specified release schedule. In accordance with our security policy, and in line with our commitment to best security practices, Ex Libris will continue to provide updates to the OpenJDK runtime in subsequent service packs according to the release schedule for each product.

    Ex Libris recommends that customers with locally installed products plan to upgrade to the versions listed below in order to benefit from the latest version of the Java runtime. If you have questions regarding this update, please contact Ex Libris support.



    Due date moving to Java OpenJDK


    August 2019


    March 2020


    Version 6.3 (June 2019)


    Q1 2020


    Q1 2020


    Version 23.3 (June 2019)


    Voyager 10.2 (Oct 2019)


    March-19 release


    Q1 2020









    • Article last edited: 05-May-2019
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