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Set a General Message for Students and Instructors in Leganto

  • Product:   Leganto


Due to the upcoming May, 2021, migration of the Moses Lake data center, libraries should anticipate up to 24 hours of downtime for Ex Libris cloud solution products, including Alma, Rialto, Leganto, and Esploro. This downtime will occur Memorial Day weekend, May 30 01:00 (UTC) – May 31 01:00 (UTC). To prepare for the Leganto downtime, we recommend that you set a “General Message,” which will display to all users in the Leganto interface. We recommend you have this message display for several weeks before the scheduled downtime.


·         You can set up the message in advance and schedule the message to appear only within a certain date range

·         You can include HTML markup to add formatting or links to additional resources

See this document for details.



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