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    Subscribe for CKC page updates, using RSS feeds

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    How can I get updates about changes in CKC pages?


    You can subscribe to an RSS feed, for any page showing an RSS feed icon that you would like to follow.

    For that, you will need an RSS Reader application on your device (see Additional Information).

    1. In the upper right corner of each page, you'll find the RSS feed icon:


    1. Click the icon to open the RSS feed in a new tab:

    1. Copy the RSS feed URL, and paste to your preferred RSS Reader.

    4. Once a new version for the CKC page is created, its RSS feed will be updated, and your reader will notify you. 


    Any change to a CKC page, including minor text amendments, will result with an RSS feed update, on your reader.

    In order to avoid inundation in your RSS reader, we recommend to subscribe only to the articles which are most important for you to stay updated about.

    The feed update on your reader will not indicate what was changed in the latest version of the page, but only that a new version was published. 

    If you would like to compare versions of the page you are following, we suggest the following procedure;

    1. Keeping locally the page PDF copy (using the PDF export button, at the top of the page) .
    2. Once having notification about new version, have a new PDF export of the page
    3. Using a 3rd party tool to PDF files, compare the two PDF copies (one before the RSS update notification, and the other after), to reveale the changes.

    Additional Information

    There are many RSS readers applications available in the market, both for Mobile devices and desktops.

    Some web browsers have RSS reading capabilities as a feature (like Mozilla Firefox), or as a 3rd party extension (like Google chrome).

    • Article last edited: 25-Jul-2017