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Ex Libris Knowledge Center

Tips for Advanced Document Searching in the Customer Knowledge Center

Product: Cross Product



The content of the CKC is indexed by Google (and other web search engines), so you can use these, too, to search for Ex Libris resources.
If using such external search engines, you can limit the search to the CKC by using syntax such as the following: your_search_here


  • The default operator in the Knowledge Center search is “OR”.
  • Other search operators available are:  AND, OR and NOT (all in uppercase).
  • For exact phrase search, use double quotation marks:  “patron barcode”.
  • Phrases in quotation marks can be searched in combination with single words:   encryption AND “patron barcode” .
  • Multiple phrases in quotation marks can be searched with AND operator between them: "remote storage" AND "purchase order" 
  • Asterisk can be used as a wildcard. Search for “seg*” (no quotation marks!) to search for “segment” along with “segregate”, etc.
  • From the result set, you can filter them by product, and by content type (Documentation, support articles, training materials and more). However…
  • Please keep in mind the results are of a product, and/or a content type, based on where the search is performed from. This is indicated in the path ("breadcrumbs") at the top of the screen.
  • If you would like  the search to retrieve results from other products or other content types, you can navigate to the relevant section of the site, using the links in the breadcrumbs.
  • You can refine the search by changing the query in the white search box (“Help results for…”) . Results will be retrieved from the same path.
  • Once viewing a document, running a search from that document page will retrieve results from the same section (the branch of the product and the content type).