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The Guide for System-Component Down Situations

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What should I do when I suspect a System-Component Down is happening for one of my Ex Libris products?


Ex Libris Development tests (QA) new releases extensively so most issues in the Product code are caught in early stages. Ex Libris Cloud department takes proactive maintenance steps to ensure the quality of our Data Centers. System-Component Down (sometimes called System Down) issues can happen due to interactions within the product, or external reasons such as a new release of a major browser or security updates in HTTPS sites. 

The 24x7 Hub team is responsible for constantly monitoring the hosted environment for your products. They are able to catch many System-Component Down issues quickly and publish the information to the System Status Page for tracking.

Sandboxes and Premium Sandboxes are not treated as System-Component Downs, so if you have an issue with these environments, open a case in the Support Center as a High priority and note that it is a Sandbox or PSB system down level issue.
If you notice or receive a report of a System-Component Down level issue:
  1. Make sure you can reproduce it, and confirm that it looks like a System-Component Down
  2. Open the System Status Page and search for your product and hosted environment name to see if the 24x7 Hub is already aware to this issue.
    • A green check box means nothing has been reported or identified. Hover your cursor over the "Current Status" field. Any information will be in the hover text that appears.
    • Click the "Email alerts" field to subscribe to subscribe to notifications about the status of the environment. 
    • If nothing is published on the System Status Page, some customers will share known outages via the Product List Servs. 
  3. Open a case with the 24x7 Hub. If the information given on the System Status Page is not complete to you, or if no information is given about the issue you are experience, there is a need for getting data from Ex Libris.
    • Go to the Support Center
    • Choose the priority "System-Component Down" while opening the case through the Support Center. 
      Important: "System-Component Down" is the only priority monitored by the 24x7 Hub, so be sure to select this option.
    • Describe the issue as completely as you can so Ex Libris can quickly reproduce the issue.
      Include any steps you have taken to investigate, any specific changes made right before the issue appeared, any information on Operating Systems or browsers that are confirmed as being affected or not, and anything else that might be relevant.
      Provide credentials for a Test User if needed.
  4. If you need to report a System-Component Down issue, but the Support Center is unavailable to you, use one of these options to contact the 24x7 Hub:
    • Send an email to
    • Call the 24x7 Hub +1-877-445-5693 (toll-free) and press 9 when prompted if you are in North America.
    • Call +972-2-649-5444 if you are located outside North America (International tolls may apply)
    • Other local or toll-free numbers available at: 24x7 Hub Contact Details
  5. If the 24x7 Hub determines the issue you reported does not qualify as a system down, or if the issue is mostly solved but further investigation is needed, they will send the case to the appropriate Product Support team (for example Alma Tier 2 Support Team). If the issue is completely solved, your case will be closed by the 24x7 Hub.
  6. The 24x7 Hub will publish a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) within 7 business days. If your case is set to status Resolved, it will not be updated to status Closed until after 7 business days. You will be able to make sure the RCA is published while it is still possible to update and reopen the case if you have further questions.
  7. The RCA reports are published to the Product Materials section for each product in the CKC. For example, see here the RCA reports for Primo.
    Important: We do not update the cases that the RCA has been published but it is possible to add a comment to the case (or open a new case) if the RCA has not been published after 7 days.

Additional Information

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  • Article last edited: 23-Apr-2021