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    What information should be provided when opening a Case?

    • Product: All
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    What kind of information should be provided when opening a Support case?

    What information will help Support find a resolution more quickly?


    Your case Subject should include a brief but informative description of the problem.

    Your case Description should include:

    • Description of problem behavior (include expected behavior vs actual behavior) or question
    • Scope (who is affected), impact (severity) and urgency (timeline for resolution/deadlines) related to the problem
    • Conditions and steps for replication:
      • Does the problem happen all the time? Is it random, or does it appear under set of conditions?
      • Does it happen for all records or specific ones? Include relevant record IDs (MMS ID, Objet Portfolio ID etc.).
      • Does it impact all operators or patrons? Specific operators or patrons? Include relevant User IDs or names.
      • Does the same issue occur in other supported browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)? If it occurs in a specific browser, check if any add-ons have been recently added to this browser that could interfere with Alma and cause this issue.
      • What are the steps the analyst should follow to replicate?
      • Are there login credentials the analyst will need to replicate the issue?
      • Specific messages or errors that display (screenshots or exact text of message)
    • Other details or important items for Support to be aware of, such as recent changes that may be related, troubleshooting steps already taken, etc.

    It is optional, but we recommend selecting a Category and Sub-Category from the drop-down menu in the case creation form to specify what functionality is affected.

    It is highly recommended to provide screenshots or screencasts as an attachment to the case.
    Check the Support Portal User Guide for instructions.

    Additional Information

    For more details on using the Support Portal to open Cases, see the Support Portal User Guide.

    Troubleshooting Tips to help get Alma Case Solved Quicker (Community Knowledge)


    • Article last edited: 12-Dec-2018