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    How to add a local Dublin Core field

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: DigiTool
    • Product Version: 3

    How do I create a local Dublin Core field?

    In order to add a local Dublin Core field, run the following and answer the resulting questions:

    >> dp
    >> dtl01

    Field Code (one word, lower case only) :

    Field Code represents the name of the field to be used - without the dc or dcterms namespace.
    For instance: myField

    Field Name :

    The Field Name represents the name of the field for display purposes.
    For instance: My Field

    1. dc

    2. dcterms

    Select Name Space : (1-2) :

    Defines whether the field will utilize the dc or dcterms namespace.

    e.g. dc:myField versus dcterms:myField

    1. Optional unbounded ( 0* )

    2. Optional single (0-1)

    3. Mandatory single ( 1 )

    4. Mandatory unbounded ( 1* )

    Select Number of occurrences allowed for tag : (1-4) :

    Each option here relates to the cataloging rules that will be employed when cataloging the newly added field.

    1. Optional unbounded means the field may occur 0 or more times in a single md record.
    2. Optional single means the field may appear 0 or 1 time in a single md record.
    3. Mandatory single means the field must appear exactly 1 time in a single md record.
    4. Mandatory unbounded means the field must occur at least 1 time in a single md record.

    Help on tag text (<BR> for new line) :

    This allows the user to explain to other catalogers the intended use of the tag. The help will show up in context sensitive help from the Meditor when the tag is active.

    Does tag have attributes [y]/n ?

    This y/n question allows the user to decide whether encoding is required for definition as part of the local field you are adding. An example of encoding which may be required:
    <dcterms:myField xsi:type="dcterms:myEncoding1">,
    <dcterms:myField xsi:type="dcterms:myEncoding2">
    <dcterms:myField xsi:type="dcterms:myEncoding3">

    Attribute name(s) (semicolon separated-one word per semicolon separated value):

    This allows the definition of the encoding values to be used in conjunction with the newly defined local field. For instance: myEncoding1;myEncoding2;myEncoding3

    1. Run Now

    2. Report Mode

    Select desired running method: (1-2):

    Run now will implement the new tag in the appropriate locations - denoting indexing recommendation setup and actions performed in a log file.
    Report Mode outputs a log file of intended actions and recommendations without actually performing the changes.

    Additional Information

    DigiTool 3 3.0 Dublin Core local field

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013