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How to run re-index job from a list of PIDs


You want to run re-index job on list of PIDs because: 

  1. You want to run the job only on these objects 
  2. The index of these objects is damaged or does not exist so you can't search for the objects to run the job on them 

First Step

Create a text file with a PID number on each line



Second Step

Place the file anywhere on the server, for example: /exlibris/dtl/temp/ 

Third Step

Run the 'Re-Indexing' job from Maintenance and in the 'Job population' screen(second step) don't perform any search, just click 'Next' and then 'Ok', and click OK in the "You did not perform a search. All Digital Entities will be included" pop-up dialog.

In the third step of the job wizard "Job additional details" in the field 'File', insert the full path and filename of your text file, eg., /exlibris/dtl/temp/pid.txt

Click next and next to run the job

Monitor the Job

You can monitor the running job from the web management interface under Maintenance > Monitor

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