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    Manual update of service pack configuration files [UTIL-SP-1-1]

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: DigiTool
    • Product Version: 3

    I made a typo while configuring the UTIL-SP-1-1 [parameters setting] menu and accidentally saved it.
    When I try to go to UTIL SP1/1 I would get:
    ^H^H: Event not found.

    The ^H^H characters in the configuration file are confusing it and so it won’t display (so that I can change it).

    In order to update this manually you can go to /exlibris/dtl/u3_1/dtle and update the “sp.config” file.

    # This file was created automatically - do not edit
    set ftp_server = ""
    set ftp_user = "dtl_sp"
    set ftp_opts = ""
    set sp_dir = "/exlibris/dtl/d3_1/dtlm/scratch/sp"
    set exl_mail = ""
    set cust_code = "ABC01"
    set cust_mail = ""
    set language = "english"
    set mail_exl_flag = "Y"
    # End of config

    The ftp password is saved in the following file:


    Additional Information

    util SP, UTIL SP, aleph, metalib, service pack, parameters

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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