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    Web of Science Integration

    This page describes various integrations with Web of Science (WOS) data. For general information on Esploro integration see here.

    WOS integration requires an API key that can be requested for free here.

    Available Metrics

    Total Times Cited

    This lists the number of records in WOS core collection that cited a specific output. This number is updated once a month, in line with the WOS update frequency. Our integration is based on the Starter API which offers only the total citation count. 

    The citation count is also available in Esploro analytics.

    The assets need a WOS identifier (Accession Number) in order for the job to run. Select Add Identifier and  then select the relevant Identifier Type. If no type exists in the drop down list, you can configure it from Configuration > Repository > Asset Identifier Display.
    The metrics will only be updated for assets that are publications and are approved. 

    How to Setup the WOS Citations Job
    1. Make sure you have the WOS API key. 
    2. Navigate to Configuration > General > Institution Settings.
    3. Add the WOS API key to the esploro_wos_starter_apikey field.
    4. Navigate to Admin > Monitor Jobs.
    5. In the Scheduled tab activate the Research asset WOS metrices retriever job.
    How to Setup the Display of WOS Citations on the Asset Page
    1. Navigate to Configuration > Portal and Profiles > Asset Display Configuration.
    2. Make sure that the Metrics row is activated.
    3. From the row actions menu for Metrics select Configure.
    4. Activate the Web of Science row.

    The metrics display on the asset page. You can click on the citation count to go the relevant WOS page.

    WOS citations count page.

    WOS Citations

    Additional References

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