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    Recent Entities List

    All user roles can open the Recent Entities list.

    This page describes the recent entities list. For information on the Esploro research hub user inteface see here. For a quick guide describing how to access the main Esploro features see here.

    The Recent Entities, part of My Activity Center, is a system-level interface that lists all the entities you have added, updated, and deleted within the last 7 days. You can scroll through the list and select an entity to resume your work on it, or you can view it in view-only mode. The Recent Entities list is a helpful way to find the records you have recently worked on and saved, either by creation or editing of a record. It also allows you to easily view your recent changes to your records. At any moment you can open and close the Recent Entities list, and then resume your ongoing work without interrupting its context. 

    The order of the entities in the list is from the most recent and down, by time and date. 


    Recent Entities List

    You can do the following on the Recent Entities list:

    • To open the Recent Entities list, select the Recent Entities icon recent_entries_icon.png at the top toolbar.

    • Open the entity in a view-only mode. To do this, select its title in the list.

    For sets, this displays the members list of the set. 

    • Edit the entity. To do this, hover over the entity and select the Edit icon edit_icon.png.

    • Search for a certain entity in the list. To do this, click the Search icon search items from recent entities.png. Currently you can search by the entity title and ID.  

    • Narrow down the list to a specific type of repository entity. Do this from the All Entities filter at the top of the list. 

    • Narrow down the list by date. To do this, click on the day separator ('Today', 'Older', etc.) to collapse the day. 

    • Dismiss a specific entity from the list. To do this, hover over the entity and select the Remove icon remove item from recent entities.png. To clear the entire list, select Clear All at the top.

    Dismissed entities cannot be restored in the Recent Entities list. 

    • To close the Recent Entities list, select the Recent Entities icon recent_entries_icon.png again.

    Statuses in the Recent Entities List

    The Recent Entities list displays the status of the entity based on the most recent activity performed on the entity. This may not reflect the actual state of the entity, for example, if an entity added by you was later edited or deleted by another user.

    The following statuses exist:

    • Added / Edited: your most recent activity on this entity was creating or editing. 
      my recent physical item.png
      Entity with status 'Edited'
    • Entities deleted by you: You deleted this entity. The entity appears as deleted. You cannot open this entity, as the record had been removed from Esploro.
      my recent deleted physical item.png
      Deleted entity
    • Entities deleted by other users: No visual indication on deletion is provided. You see the Added / Edited status. When you click on the entity, Esploro issues a notification that the entity does not exist. 

    When are Entities Displayed in the Recent Entities List?

    • Entities are displayed when created or updated manually and then saved. 
    • Entities are NOT displayed when created or updated in Esploro at the result of batch processes (such as jobs). 
    • Entities are NOT displayed when or updated by Esploro by bulk operations (such as "Release All" in the Metadata Editor.)
    • Entities are NOT displayed when created or updated as the side effect of other actions (for example, updating holdings records does not display the related items in the Recent Entities list).  

    Below is a detailed list of cases in which the different types of entities are displayed in the Recent Entities list, and the statuses in each case:

    Entity Type: Included in the Recent Entities List when: Not included in the Recent Entities List when:
    Repository Sets
    • A set was created in the Repository Search.
    • A set was created under Admin Manage Sets → Add Set
    • A set was created by one of the following set actions: Duplicate, Itemize, Combine Sets, Filter Set. 
    • A set was created under the Metadata Import Report Actions as an itemized title set (when there are actual records reported).
    • A set was viewed in the Metadata Editor using the Catalog Set action. 
    • Members in an existing itemized set were updated using the Add Members / Remove Selected functionality. 
    • Set's metadata was edited (set name, description, note, etc.)
    • A set was deleted. 
    • The set was viewed but no changes were saved.

    Mapping Tables

    Code Tables

    • Values were added/edited/deleted in a table. 

    Integration profiles

    • Integration profiles were added/edited/deleted. 

    What Information Appears in the Recent Entities List for Each Entity? 

    The following information is provided for each of the entity types:

    Entity Type: Information Displayed Example
    Repository Sets
    • Set name
    • Set type
    • Set kind: Itemized or Logical 
    my recent set.png

    Mapping Tables

    Code Tables

    • Table name
    • Sub-system to which the table belongs
    • For the Customer Parameters code table only, since this table can be filtered by sub-module, displays also the sub-module. 

    mapping table example.png

    code table customer parameters example.png

    Integration profiles

    • Profile name
    • Integration type
    integration profile example in recent entities.png