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    Configuring Library Notices Opt-In

    To configure library notices opt-ins, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    For patrons who do not want to receive certain library notifications, an administrator can opt these patrons out of these notifications. You can disable these notifications at the individual patron level, or groups of patrons using SIS feeds or bulk user updates, according to library policies. You can also allow patrons to opt out of specific notices through the current Primo interface, without library intervention.
    You configure which notifications can be opted out of on the Library Notices Opt In mapping table (Configuration > Researchers > Researcher Notice Opt In).
    User Title Configuration Table
    You can enable/disable the ability to opt users out of following notifications. For more information about the individual letters, see Configuring Esploro Letters.
    • Activity Report – Borrowing Activity Letter
    • Courtesy Letter – Courtesy Letter
    • Overdue Notice – Overdue Notice Letter
    • Loan Status Letter – Loan Status Notice sent for a die date change
    • Recall Letter – Loan Status Notice sent about a recall
    • Recall Cancellation Letter – Loan Status Notice sent about canceling a recall
    • Fines\Fees Notification Letter – Ful Fines\Fees Notification Letter
    • Deposit Activity Report – Deposit Activity Letter
      • The remaining letters marked for researchers are relevant only for institution's implementing Esploro.
      • Do not change the text in column Source 3 Text. This field should be internal and will be removed in an upcoming release.
    Select True or False in the Opt in by default column to configure whether users are opted into/out of the letter by default. True means that users are opted in by default.
    Changes made to this table automatically apply for all new users created after the change. For existing users, these changes only apply if the user's selected letters list was not changed before customizing the table.
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