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    Intota: Data Retrieval Service (DRS): Administration-Based Harvesting

    • Product: Intota

    What can you tell us about the DRS Administration-Based Harvesting method?

    The Administration-Based Harvesting method is one of two usage-statistics retrieval methods in the Data Retrieval Service (DRS). (The second method is automated SUSHI-Protocol Harvesting.

    Using the Administration-Based Harvesting method, we will manually download your library's usage-statistics reports from providers' administrative web sites and load the usage statistics into Intota two times a year.

    The list of Administration-Based Harvesting providers on the DRS Request Form (the main section of the Vendor Statistics Metadata page) includes Project COUNTER-compliant vendors and those providers we have independently determined provide Project-COUNTER-compliant usage-statistics reports. DRS is limited to working with usage reports that are COUNTER-compliant. If there is a provider that you know makes available COUNTER-compliant reports but is not on our DRS Request Form, please use the Support Portal option near the top of the page to provide us with the access information, including the COUNTER-report URL and your library's access credentials (username and password). We will verify whether we can add the provider to DRS.

    Any questions that you may have about why a provider is not on Project COUNTER's list of compliant vendors should be directed to the provider or to Lorraine Estelle at Project COUNTER.

    To request that our DRS Team use the Administration-Based Harvesting method to get usage-statistics reports from a provider, you need to provide us with information, most commonly the provider's administration-site URL (or, in some cases, the specific COUNTER-report URL) and your library's access credentials for that site (username and password).  Some providers require more information, and they are noted in the Admin Note on the DRS Request Form.

    A number of providers require IP authentication for usage reports access.  For a list of these providers, along with options for setting up IP authentication so that our DRS Team can download the reports, see Data Retrieval Service (DRS): IP Authenticated Providers

    Finally, you will need to tell us which usage-statistics report types to harvest with this method (JR1, DB2, and so forth).

    When the predetermined interval for usage-statistics retrieval arrives, our DRS Team follows these steps to complete the Administration-Based Harvesting method:

    1. Download Project COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for your library from the provider.

    2. Check the provider's spreadsheet to make sure it's in a COUNTER-compliant format.

    3. Remove duplicate titles and correct usage totals.

    4. Look for simple details in the sheet that might cause upload errors.

    5. Upload the usage data into 360 Counter.

    6. Send a report to you explaining what was uploaded and any issues that might have arisen.

    At that point, you will be able to find the usage-statistics reports on the COUNTER Reports page, just like reports retrieved by the SUSHI-Protocol Harvesting method and those you upload yourself.

    Usage-statistics reports retrieved by the Administration-Based Harvesting method will almost always contain usage statistics back to the beginning of the current calendar year. Therefore, you can remove older reports with current-year usage statistics if you want. (Although you don't need to, because Intota knows to overwrite the old usage statistics with the new.) This is different than SUSHI-protocol harvested reports, which contain only one month of usage statistics.

    • Date Created: 12-Jun-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 29-Jan-2016
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