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    Intota: Duplicate Resources Inherited from a Consortium

    • Product: Intota

    How do we handle an inherited resource that our library already subscribes to?

    Intota's shared resources functionality does not prevent your Intota profile from inheriting a resource that you already subscribe to. In such instances, your profile will display the resource twice, one with the status From Consortium and your local, non-shared entry will display whatever Status you have chosen.

    If both resources' discovery settings are set to display in the same services, library patrons will see both resources. Options for preventing the duplicate display include choosing to stop inheriting the manager library's resource or choosing to edit the discovery settings for your local, non-shared resource so that it does not display to patrons.

    Duplicate databases can be useful when you inherit certain titles from a manager library, yet your library subscribes to additional titles through your own local license, as in the below example showing a library's Intota profile with two entries for the same resource. The library's local, non-shared subscription provides access to a number of titles, and the shared resource provides access to additional titles.

    duplicate databases

    • Date Created: 24-Sep-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 26-Sep-2015
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