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    Intota: Adding Specific E-Journals, E-Books, and Videos to a Library's Profile

    • Product: Intota

    How Do I Add an e-Journal, e-Book, or Video to My Library's Intota Profile?

    After you have used the Intota search box to search for the title, on your results page:

    User-added image

    • Selecting the title name takes you to the Title Details page where you can view information about the title and which database(s) contain holdings for the title (in the above example you see indication that 40 databases contain holdings for the title).

    • Selecting a right-side Ejournal, Ebook, Video or link the right side opens up a preview pane on the right side where you can get an overview of the title in addition to being able to click on the View Holdings button and see which database(s) contain holdings for the title (you will be viewing the Title Details page).

    When viewing the Title Details page and the database(s) containing the title:

    If multiple databases contain the title, the Holdings section will first display the holdings within any databases currently being tracked in your Intota profile. These holdings are displayed with a shaded background, as opposed to the holdings in databases currently not in your profile.

    To change the Title Status of a holding in a subscribed database, click the left side Title Status to change it to Subscribed or another status available in your profile:

    Title Status in Title Details page

    To change the Title Status of a holding in a database currently not tracked in your Intota profile, you need to first tell the system you subscribe to the database by clicking the database name so you can start tracking this database in your Intota profile. Clicking the database name takes you to the Database Details page.

    If you do not subscribe to all titles in the collection, then you will want to take an additional couple steps to select the appropriate ttile(s) within the database.

    • Date Created: 14-Jun-2014

    • Last Edited Date: 14-Jun-2014

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