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    Intota: Renewal Checklist

    • Product: Intota

    The renewal checklist in Intota allows your library to create a workflow and check off activities during the Renewal process. The items in the checklist are completely customized by your library.

    Create and Edit the Renewals Checklist

    To work on your library's checklist, click Admin on the menu bar and then select Menu Settings.
    User-added image
    On the Menus page, click the Resource Renewal Checklist link on the lower-left side:

    If a renewal checklist has already been created, you'll see the checklist steps listed as items. Use the Add to List button to add items to the checklist.
    renewal checklist

    Working on a checklist is the same process as creating and modifying any Menu in Intota: you can add, edit, and delete steps. You can also change the order of steps .
    After a checklist has been created, a link to the checklist will appear on the right side Related Actions pane when viewing a resource details page such as a Provider Details page.
    renewal checklist for a resource

    When you use the checklist for a particular resource, your completed steps will be saved with that resource. When you click the Checklist link again, the system will maintain the checkboxes and notes from the last time you worked on the checklist for that resource.

    • Date Created: 24-May-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 18-Jun-2014
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