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    Intota: Working with Collections

    • Product: Intota

    How can I create a new group of resources my library wants to associate together?

    The purpose of the Collections tool is to allow your library to create groups of resources outside of the provider/database/title hierarchy.
    Once a collection is created, you can attach administration, contacts, cost, license, notes, and vendor statistics metadata to the collection. For example, you may choose to group all resources in a package and record the cost information, or create a collection of resources negotiated by a consortium and attach notes about consortium policies.
    Also, any administration information, licenses, and contacts that you attach to a collection will automatically be attached to the collection's databases and the titles in those resources.

    Note that a resource may only be in one collection at a time. If you add a resource to a second collection, it will be removed from the first collection.
    The rest of this document covers the following topics:

    Adding a New Collection

    Create a new collection by clicking Resources on the menu bar and then selecting Collection in the submenu:

    User-added image

    You can also use the Resource Summary section of your Intota home page to access the Collections page.

    Click the Create New Collection button on the right side of the Collections page and you will be taken to the Add Collection screen:
    Add Collection Details

    Use the Add Resource button rather than Save if you are ready to add databases and titles to the collection.

    Attaching a Resource to a Collection

    At anytime you can add a resource by editing the Related Resources section of the Collection Details page. When you click Edit, use the Add Resources link on the right side to add resources from the Knowledgebase.
    Add Resources link

    The Intota search box will display, where you can search for the resources you want to associate with the collection you are creating.

    Adding a Note to a Collection

    Use the Notes pane on the right side of the Collection Details page to add a Note to the collection. You can add an existing note or create a new note to be attached to the collection.
    Add note

    You can also accomplish this if you are on the Notes page by adding the collection as a related resource.

    Deleting a Collection

    A collection can be removed by viewing your list of Collections (click Resources on the menu bar and then select Collections). When viewing the list, use the check box on the left side of the page to select the collection to delete, and click the Delete button at the top of the page.
    Delete collection

    • Date Created: 25-May-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 8-Jun-2014
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