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    Intota Assessment: 360 COUNTER r5 Reports: Books

    • Product: Intota Assessment

    What can you tell me about the data in these reports?

    360 COUNTER (R5) Book Reports let you analyze ebook usage as reported by the providers and platforms that license, sell, and/or host the content.

    The below reports include the following information:
    • Report: The report name
    • Data Source: Where the data is coming from. If the report includes multiple sources, the most pertinent source is listed.
      • COUNTER reports from providers need to be uploaded to your Intota or Client Center profile in order for the consolidated reports below to display data. For information about uploading COUNTER reports: Intota users click here.
    • Notes: Useful information about the report

    To learn about using report features such as moving columns and saving customizations, see Using the Reports.

    Books (R5)

    Report Data Source Notes
    Book Requests and Costs TR_B1 

    This report calculates cost per use (CPU) using the cost information entered into 360 Client Center or Intota and the TR_B1 Unique Title Requests metric. 

    • Unique Title Requests: The number of times an ebook was accessed in a single patron’s session. If a single user downloads multiple chapters from an ebook, or accesses the ebook several times during a session, all of these would count as 1 unique title request. 

    Book Access Denied



    Reports on “Access Denied” activity for books where users were denied access because simultaneous-use licenses are exceeded or the library doesn't have a license for the book.

    Choose to view denials by Limited Exceeded reason, No License reason, or both.

    Book Master Report






    A customizable report that allows users to analyze all COUNTER R5 book metrics:

    • Total Item Investigations
    • Total Item Requests
    • Unique Item Investigations
    • Unique Item Requests
    • Unique Title Investigations
    • Unique Title Requests
    • Access Denied

    Additional Information

    For topics related to data setup and maintenance, see the Intota Assessment User Guide. Note: 360 Counter users should see the 360 Counter User Guide; libraries managing their profile in Intota should see the Assessment section of the Intota User Guide.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 30-Apr-2021
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